Airlift's shooting with Akshay has been a breeze", says Director Raja Menon!

24th Nov, 2015
The splendid First Look followed by the extended teaser has made a great impression. It is quite obvious that director Raja Menon has made a no-nonsense movie that tells reality like it is and while it has sufficient entertainment quotient to it, none of that is frivolous.
For someone who worked with the likes of Naseeruddin Shah in Barah Aana, an unusual affair, Menon has seems to have successfully transitioned to a much bigger commercial zone with Akshay Kumar.
"Honestly, I had an apprehension to begin with since I have not worked with big commercial stars," admits Menon, "However today, after shooting with Akshay, I have an altogether different perception built for stars.", reveals Director Raja Menon.
He further adds, "Shooting with Akshay has been a breeze; he has not changed anything in the movie, be it the script or the way it is being shot. Since the time we have started shooting for the film, it is a pleasure to be working with Akshay. Today I am a changed man."